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Our Business consultant has the experience needed to help you overcome your businesses unique problems. Please contact us for a free one on one to explore your options. 


A business consultant will work to help a company improve its overall performance, create value and maximize growth. To accomplish this goal, we gather information from a variety of sources within the organization to address and solve problems. Sometimes there may be a very specific problem, such as issues with inventory and shipping functions. In other cases, we might tackle broad issues, such as increasing profitability. We frequently depend on research and critical thinking skills to do our job. Once the research process is complete, we develop solutions and alternative practices to recommend to an organization’s management team.

John Rix
John Rix


Is an experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning, Marketing, Coaching, and Sales. 


Mr. Rix has managed several companies in the areas of manufacturing, security, retail, and food, from small companies 1 to 3 employees to medium sized company’s with excess of 130 employees and 10M in revenue.  His years of experience is key to providing various companies solutions to every day problems. 


In the area of management he will help your company improve its business performance, create value and maximize your growth. 

About the Rix Organization

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