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Welcome to The RIX Organization. We are a business and management consulting company with over 30 years of experience in running and helping small businesses like yours. At The Rix Organization, we take an innovative and modern approach to helping you, and your business by allowing you to hire a full time team member for below minimum wage.


You might be asking yourself how can this work, and why we are better than the competition?  Simple "Our Experience". 


The Rix Organization is a consulting company that can provide an objective analysis of your business inside and out. This will provide situational awareness, that will pinpoint where you are now, and create a strategic operational plan, that will provide the guidance to facilitate where you want to go. This is imperative, to create a plan that can be implemented, with metrics that can be assessed for progress. We have the know-how you need. 


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Business Plan | Employee Handbook | Business Registration | Product Development | Manufacturing | Operations


Financial Management | Financial Analysis | Marketing Plans | Payroll| Audits | Banckrupcy 



Strategic Marketing | SEO | Business Plans

Analysis | Operating & Process Improvement


Operating & Process Development | Admin | 

Employee Management | Financials


..."Instrumental in providing focus for our company, and saved us thousands of  dollars in the process."

Alex S. CEO

...“Innovative solutions with a unique perspective of problem solving"...

Eric P. President

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